We created Onboard with a simple mission - to make travel easy in the Maldives.

We are one of the largest island nations in the world with 1,190 islands in 20 atolls, spanning 90,000 sq km. When 99% of the country is covered by the ocean, sea transport is a vital part of the economy and daily life.

There are thousands of vessels providing transport and logistics services, and there are thousands of travellers looking to charter and book vessels and ferries. Yet there’s no single platform where you can easily find them and communicate with vessel operators. This means that most of the time, it’s easier to book a trip to Singapore or Colombo than travelling to local islands visible on the horizon.

Today, everyone is connected via the internet. Using the power of this connectivity, Onboard aims to provide a platform to make it easier for travellers to engage with operators.

The platform now includes information about ferries and tools to book charters, and you can easily keep track of all this information from your account.

While this is the first release, there are many new developments to come in the future. Our vision is to make Onboard into an application where you can manage all your travel planning. We will be working with operators and support service providers to make your travel experience efficient, reliable and seamless.

Travel easy.